Bali Arbitration Summit 2020

December 7th - 8th, 2020 Keep me informed

BIAMC Mediation Trainings, Courses & Seminars

Our international mediation certification courses focus on a specific industry, allowing participants to elevate their knowledge of the intricacies and unique concerns of a particular field. We combine the art and science of mediation through highly interactive, skill-based, and industry-centered courses that focus on the structure, process, technique, and goals of the mediation process. Our courses will enhance the understanding and ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts, as well as provide a solid foundation in the processes and to serve as a negotiator and mediator.

The training will also explore underlying negotiation orientations and strategies within particular sectors and how they are confronted and employed by mediators who specialize in these industry conflicts. This course is ideal for those looking to acquire formal training in specific arenas so they may enter or expand into a new field of mediation practice.

Any questions about why mediation remains one of the premier methods of resolving international commercial and business disputes? Check out our resources on Why Choose Mediation?

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