Bali Arbitration Summit 2020

December 7th - 8th, 2020 Keep me informed

Lucrative rewards for those
trained and experienced

The demand for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has grown exponentially on a global scale. The vast amount of diverse and multiplying opportunities promises lucrative rewards for those trained and experienced.

BIAMC is committed to providing high quality training programs, offering both certification and informational courses. At BIAMC, we merge practical, comprehensive curriculum with unparalleled instruction from top foreign and domestic experts currently working in ADR.

Our courses are targeted toward practitioners seeking to expand their current legal repertoires, professionals desiring to transition into a new and exciting career field, and scholars aiming to gain expertise in the application of concepts and norms within ADR fields.

BIAMC Courses

BIAMC is committed to providing high quality training programs, offering both certification and informational courses.

Our introductory course will not only provide you with a meaningful foundation in ADR and detailed snapshot into international arbitration but will also enable you to intelligently discern if these career choices/ancillaries are right for you.

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Our international arbitration certification course provide knowledge and an appreciation of commercial arbitration within the global legal landscape. It offers the theory of arbitration law with emphasis on the procedures of arbitration.

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Our international mediation courses focus on a specific industry, allowing participants to elevate their knowledge of a particular field. We combine the art of mediation through industry courses that focus on the structure of the mediation process.

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BIAMC possesses important distinctions from other training programs, advantages that identity us as a clear front-runner.

Strategic & high end locations

Two strategic, high end locations with unique advantages and pertinency to Indonesia’s economic and geographic advantage.

Wide course spectrum

Course spectrum that is accommodative to all levels of exposure and experience.

Up-to-date curriculum

Up-to-date industry specific curriculum combined with rigorous assessment standards designed by experts, reference materials that provide easy, functional relevance in real ADR scenarios .

Master trainers

Master trainers and leading practitioners with international presence and recognition in ADR fields.

Global Network

Access to a global network with an international perspective; BIAMC attracts students and practitioners from all over the world

Impressive Speakers

Broad, impressive array of guest speakers and experts.

Critical perspectives

Critical perspectives to all participants including a global perspective to domestic professionals and an Asian perspective, complete with the Indonesian growth story, to foreign professionals.

Dedicated evaluation committee

In-take and evaluation committee to aid in course selection based on individual needs and goals.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Impressive participant satisfaction evidenced by positive feedback, immediate career advancement or expansion, and high number of word-of-mouth recommendations.